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Wix SEO in 2024

Wix SEO in 2024 is still all about providing good content for searchers! In an online world that is quickly filling with AI content, it's time to step up and write good content that is geared towards people's searches on Google and other search engines. Write what you know! What you have experience with. Your real-life writing will beat out AI any day. While AI-generated SEO content can be a tool, if you truly want to share real information and content, write from your real human experience. Afterall, searchers are humans, not robots. We want new, creative, useful information based on experience, not just rewritten generic content that we've already seen. Share new tips and information that you learn day-by-day in real life. If you write it they will come!

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Wix SEO in 2024 - SEO for Websites

Be informative, be human, write from experience! Writing for SEO isn't about an equation, it's about writing REAL, honest, new content that helps share your knowledge with the world. Share your own REAL photos, testimonials, tips, and advice. Your future audience will thank you for it with visits.


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