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This page is dedicated to giving you quick tips on how to become a SEO Hero in 2021. You can become a SEO Hero on most any website platform, though whatever platform you choose, make sure to choose one that you find is easy to use. If the website is hard to edit, you won't want to edit and add content, and that's what being a SEO Hero is all about!

Top SEO Hero Tips:

1. Find out what you want to be found for (keyword phrase)

2. Optimize pages' Titles, meta tags and alt tags

3. Write and create ORIGINAL content on your website about the keyword phrase
4. Socialize on social media and get the online world to reference your website

Becoming the Expert

Becoming a SEO Hero is all about becoming an expert on the web about the keywords you want to be found for. If you are a seed company, for example, it's great to write about your seeds, build pages on your website about how to grow seeds, post lots of photos in your blog of various seedlings, titling your images and giving them alt text that is focussed on keywords you want to be found for. You can find lots of topics that relate to what your website is all about, use Google's auto-search fills (the phrases that come up as you start to type into the search), as these are things people are searching! It's a great way to get ideas on what to write about. 


Identifying what keywords to use:

It's good to use Google AdWords to research keywords to see what people are searching for. You don't need to pay to use AdWords, you can setup entire campaigns and use their keyword tools to get an idea of what people are searching for without ever paying a cent. However, if you do use AdWords and pay for ads to be displayed (you can setup daily budgets in any amount, $1-$1000+)  you will get even more in-depth reports and can use them to find trends of what people are looking for and what ads they click on so you can fine-tune your keywords you're focusing on in your website. For example, if you're selling seeds, you may think people are searching for "vegetable seeds" when, in fact, more people are searching for "tomato seeds." You can also become a SEO Hero by finding the keyword phrases that may not be as highly competitive or highly searched, but are a niche that you can fill – such as "heirloom seeds" or "hot pepper seeds", etc. Then you can build pages and/or write blog posts about these more specific keyword phrases to help Google and people find your site. 

SEO Hero's Write & Create Original Content:

Once you've identified a list of keyword phrases that people are searchin, you can use this list as an idea list for building pages, or blog posts that focus on those keywords. Write about what you know, and write original content about the topics. Think: Top 10 Tips on ____, Our Favorite _____, Biggest Mistakes in Starting Seeds, etc. Think about what your customers ask you all the time, and write about those questions. Add a FAQ page with in-depth original answers to common questions that arise about your products or services.

Get people to talk about you!

To become a SEO Hero, you now need to share your content with the world! Once you add great content to your site, share it on Social Media, on blogs, in forums, with peers, family and friends.

  • Facebook: Post links to your blog posts or new pages in Facebook

  • Pinterest: Add Pins with screenshots of your new pages or photos in Pinterest and make sure that it links to your webpage.

  • LinkedIn: Use Linked to post links to your blog posts or pages, and use LinkedIn's blog to post short articles that are interesting to draw people in, and link to your website for more information. 

  • Instagram, Snapchat, etc – use these as well if you have the time, and post images to keep people interested in what you have going on in your world. Personal photos, such as a box of seeds being packaged up to ship, or photos of your staff volunteering, etc are great ways to stay connected with your customers. 

  • Twitter is also a great place to post small blurbs, images and links.

  • YouTube: Create videos using free tools like Lumen5 (see my SEO Hero Resources page for good video creation tools). Then post them on YouTube and link from the description to the full URL – include the https://  – that goes to the page or blog post where you feature the video and go more in-depth with your text to explain the video in detail. 


Stay tuned for more SEO Hero tips coming soon!

Using Google Business Listings

To become your own SEO Hero for your business, it is also very wise to add your business to Google's Business Listings – this way you'll show up on local Map results for when people are searching for businesses like yours. Go to: and setup a business listing. It is ideal to setup all of your Google accounts under the same account. So, make sure you have one gmail address setup and use it to login to all of the below Google tools:

  • Google Analytics

  • Google My Business

  • YouTube (yes, it's owned by Google!)

  • Google Search Console (for submitting sitemaps)

  • Don't forget to also submit your Sitemap to Bing! Go to:

When you setup a business Listing, this is what will appear on the map. To verify your account and legitimize your business in Google's eyes, you have to have them send you a postcard via USPS mail to your physical location. You can choose to "deliver services to customer's address" as an option when setting up your listing so that your address isn't shown to the world (if you're a home-based business). But – you should definitely verify your listing this way, as once you're verified you are much more likely to show up in the Google Maps. Add photos to your account, and add hours, descriptions – the more information you provide, the better! 

SEO Hero - Selecting Keywords

Use Google AdWords to get Keyword Ideas to become your own SEO Hero – Learn more »

SEO Hero – Google Business Listing
SEO Hero – Google Business Listing
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