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SEO Hero Tip: Bounce Rates

SEO Hero Tip: Bounce Rates

As a SEO Hero for my Website Design clients, I often get asked about bounce rates and SEO. Here's some quick advice on bounce rates, and how to keep them lower:

Bounce rate – The bounce rate is the percentage of people who landed on any pages on your website, but instead of browsing further, they exited your website. If they land on any page on your site, and leave without clicking through to another page, that is a 100% bounce rate. So, the way to help decrease your bounce rate is to include links or buttons to other pages on your website on each page.

So, include a link to other blog posts or pages in your page or blog post – for example you could link to “Top Wedding Venues” or “Best places in Wisconsin for Engagement Photos” etc, etc, to help prompt the user to click to another page and stay on your site. Or have a link to “Get a free photography estimate” which goes to your contact page. Bounce rates are nothing to be too worried about, as you keep adding more and more content and link between pages and blog posts, you’ll find that the bounce rate will naturally decrease as users will visit more pages on your site. But, keeping them engaged and prompting them with fun links to get them to another page will definitely help!

P.S. Don’t worry too much about bounce rate, too, depending on the nature of your website, people may just be landing on it and finding the information they need, or perhaps they are calling you or simply checking out your blog post or page and then moving on (people are in a hurry these days, especially online!). Just keep adding content and make sure to link to other pages in all your blog posts with tempting links, and your SEO will keep getting better over time, regardless of the bounce rate.


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