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Wix SEO 2021

As an expert Wix Designer, I offer Wix SEO for many of my client websites – and as we approach 2021, SEO is still about becoming the online expert in whatever it is you want to be found for.

Wix SEO 2021

Wix is a great platform to do this on, as it's easy to use and update – which is critical for SEO. You want to build a wealth of useful information for your viewers to find, answer common questions in an in-depth way that gets people to read, bookmark, and share your webpage with others.

Research what people are searching for by checking the suggestions Google makes when typing in words.

For example, when I type in ’best garden..." Google begins to suggest other searches that may be relevant for what I'm looking for. I can easily pick one of these, and I believe that these suggestions also influence searchers to type in the suggestions.

These "suggestions" are all great topics to write about if they are related to your website, service, or business. Write blog posts or add pages to your Wix website regularly, optimize them for keyword terms that are being searched, and share them on social media including Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. If you're creating useful, helpful content that answers questions, your webpage / blog post will naturally start to climb in searches as it is shared, bookmarked and visited, referenced. Infographic Design for Wix SEO Create useful graphics that show facts, provide instructions, or diagrams on how things work – something that is useful or fun can go viral in social media and help generate traffic to your website. Work with an Infographic Designer to create useful infographics that can visually communicate information in an engaging way.

Original Images for Wix SEO Use original photos if you can – take photos of your products, services or related scenery for your website. Optimize the images' alt text, and add lots of new photos regularly. You can also add graphics or icons and do the same - make sure to optimize all images on your website for keyword terms you want to be found for.

Don't Overdo Wix SEO

Don't pad your images, text, page titles or descriptions with too many keywords – add these naturally, so that they are readable, user-friendly, and make sense while being incorporated. We've found that Wix does quite well in Google for SEO if you use it correctly.

If you're looking for help with your Wix Design or Wix SEO, get a free estimate»

We can help to optimize your website, as well as train you how to continue to do your own SEO going forward.


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