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Wix SEO 2019

Wix SEO 2019

As a professional Website Designer in 2019, I still find that Wix SEO is top-notch. If optimized correctly for SEO, Wix websites do just as well (if not better) in search engines than any other platform, including Wordpress. As Google themselves say, SEO is not about the platform, it's about how you use it. Are you writing in-depth content about the topics you want to be found for? Is your website the most comprehensive website out there for the keyword terms that people are searching for? The reason I think that Wix SEO is so good is because Wix is a super easy website editor platform that allows people to easily update and add content to their websites. It's easy to add photos, galleries, embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook, or even upload videos directly to Wix websites. It's simple to add new pages, add menu items, add social media links and feeds, and so much more. The Wix platform blows every other platform out of the water in terms of ease of use. And, Wix SEO is done easily by adding SEO Meta Page Titles, Meta Page Descriptions, adding Alt Text to images, customizing page URLs, and so much more.

As a Wix SEO expert, I offer in-depth Wix SEO Consultations that will help optimize your Wix website to be the best it can be. I train my clients on how to use all of Wix's excellent SEO features, and also guide them on what to keyword terms to optimize their website for. Once you have the basic knowledge of Wix SEO, it's easy to optimize your webpages and blog posts to rank high for the terms you want to be found for. If you build it right, they will come!

Here are my top Wix SEO Tips for 2019:

1. Be original! Write all original, in-depth content on all the pages on your site.

2. Name your Pages with keyword phrases people are actually searching for. Use tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner tool or Keywords Everywhere Chrome app to find out exactly what people are searching.

3. Be WORDY! Write in-depth, comprehensive information on the topic you want to be found for. Write at least 300-1000+ words on every page. If your site has more original, in-depth and useful information on any topic than any other website, then your site will likely rise to the top of searches for that keyword phrase.

Wix SEO - Add Infographics!

4. Add Unique Images to your site, and use Alt Text to tell Google what they are about. Use the keyword phrases you want to be found for on these images. A great way to create unique new images is to hire an Infographic Designer to create useful, share-able infographics to illustrate information about your services or products.

5. Link to your other pages via text links. For example, if you want to be found for logo design, link that term to your logo design portfolio (as I have done here). The more links that you have inter-weaving your webpages together, the better for SEO. It's especially good to link the exact keyword phrases that people are searching for to pages named with those exact keyphrases. 6. Research what people are searching for! Use handy free tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner or Keywords Everywhere to research and find out what people are actually searching for (which is way better than what you THINK they're searching for!) Then, write pages and blog posts with those exact keyword phrases as the title. Find out about Keywords Everywhere, Keyword Planner and lots more great Wix SEO tools here »

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