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This website is ranked at #1-#3 for "SEO Hero"!

As of January 2019,  this Wix-built website,, is on the top of the search results shuffling from ranking #1-#3 for "seo hero" in Google – so it is still doing VERY well against all the other SEO competitors' websites on different platforms, even though I'm not updating it very often at this point. 

Wix also gave a very cool honorable mention – and because this site has done so well in the contest, I know now that Wix is GREAT for SEO. It's not so much about the platform, it's all about creating good, useful, shareable content that is relavent to what you want to get found for. The Wix platform makes it easy as it's so easy to add new content, make edits, add pages and post articles in blogs and therefore does quite well with SEO. It's all about how you use it! 

Contest Winners that were announced in March 2017:

Standings from March 31, 2017
(These standings are no longer accurate, as this site is now #1, and the rest of the competitors are below it now in Google's results)

The winners of the SEO Hero Contest have been announced on the Wix blog »

Here's what they posted:

The winner* of our SEO Hero competition is:! 🎉
Congratulations to all of our top 5 ranking websites:
*Winner status pending legal documentation approval and final verification.

Congratulations to and all the runners ups! 


Though I didn't win, I was so honored to have this website ( also be mentioned in Wix's SEO Hero winners article, see the screenshot below or see it on the Wix blog here » (scroll down to see my website's mention...)

SEO Hero Winner
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