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Wix SEO - is Wix good at SEO?

Wondering if Wix is good at SEO?

Wix websites do amazingly well with SEO if optimized correctly. I've tested Wix sites side by side with other platforms such as Wordpress and other website builders (even custom built websites), and Wix soars to the top if optimized right. Even Google has said that Wix is a good platform for SEO. Why? Because it's really not so much about the platform you build your website on, it's more about optimizing it correctly and building lots of content to be found.

As a SEO Hero and Wix Designer, I provide SEO Consultations and Packages to businesses to help them get found. As Wix is, in my opinion, one of the best website builders and editors available, I do a lot of Wix Website Design and I love working with Wix websites for SEO. Here's an example: I built and optimized a website for this Kitchen store in Nashville:

Wix SEO - for Kitchen Store in Nashville

This was a brand-new store that opened up in Nashville, so it was a challenge to help them get to the top of Google. Brand new websites take time for Google index, and it's not easy to beat other websites that have been around longer for the same keywords. But, it's possible! In just a month, we got this website, to the first page of Google for "kitchen store in Nashville" or "Nashville kitchen store".

How did we do this? You just have to make sure to optimize your website correctly with proper page titles, descriptions, alt text for images, and in-depth original text that talks about the topic. It's also very important to submit your sitemap.xml file to Google and setup a Google Business page and Google Analytics. Also, don't forget Bing, add your sitemap to Bing as well and setup your Bing Business page. And, most importantly... it's important to add new content regularly!

Wix SEO – It's all about ADDING new content!

It's also very important to keep adding new optimized content over time that is geared to what people are searching for. If Google sees that you are adding new pages, images, copy, or blog posts daily or weekly, they're going to visit your website daily or weekly. If you only post every two months, Google will likely only visit your site every few months. Google's algorithms keep an eye on how often your sitemap is updated, so as you add new content more regularly, Google will more regularly visit your site and re-index the new pages or content. So, don't let your website get stale! It's also important to change and add new content to your homepage to keep it fresh for your users and search engines.

Local Searches:

Make sure to add your business to Google Business and Bing Business and verify your listings to get on the map. Also be sure to match your address exactly across the board (on your website, and all listings) so that there is no confusion online on where you are located. You can also setup service areas if you have a home business to avoid listing your address for public view on the maps.

Google Ads & Bing Ads:

I also think that paying for pay-per-click ads with Google and Bing is a great way for new businesses to get quickly into the search engine results. By paying for ads, you are verifying that your business is legit, and, Google and Bing will visit your site and index pages faster because you are actively advertising. You don't have to spend a fortune, but spend SOMETHING. I suggest spending $30-50 a month to start, and increase it as desired. You only have to pay per click, so you can get a lot of exposure without having to spend a fortune.

If you want help getting your Wix SEO done correctly so that your website can get found online, contact us today and we can give you a free estimate.

Here's the results of the Kitchen store in Google – she is now being found all the time by new customers:

Wix SEO - for Kitchen Store in Nashville


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