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The End of Google+

SEO Hero: The End of Google+

As a SEO Hero, for years, I've told my SEO clients that posting as their business on Google+ was a great way to get Google's attention, despite the fact that actual people rarely used or engaged with it. Google+ has never gotten anywhere near as popular with actual users compared to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and other social media networks. But, as it was Google's service, I always thought that by posting on their Google+ network would help your page links get noticed and indexed faster by Google.

But, due to some security glitches and lack of use, Google is shutting down their own Google+ network. Or, so they say. Maybe this is just a plot to get everyone to start talking about Google+ again! Who knows? Here's why I'm still using Google+ in 2019 »

But one thing is for sure, this sudden decision to shut down a social network – especially by the one of the biggest companies in the world – is a reminder that everything in our online world (and life!) is temporary. Especially in the Social Media realm. Remember MySpace? They were all the rage at first, then Twitter and Facebook took over, now Instagram seems to be popular, but tomorrow... who knows what social networks will be used? Only time will tell.

So, if you think having a presence on social media is all you need, think again. Having your own website and posting ALL your content on your website is the only way you can "own" and ensure the content won't disappear when any specific social network falls out of favor. Make sure to put all your text, photos, and information on your site on a regular basis to become a SEO Hero for your business. Then, use social media to promote and link to this content, but don't rely on social media it as your only place to post content. That's just not wise for the long term. So make sure to design a beautiful website for your business! Need a Website Designer who is also a SEO Hero? View my website design portfolio at


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