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SEO is like Planting Seeds

SEO Hero - Become one by planting seeds

I do a lot of SEO Hero consulting for various clients around the world, including a a New Mexican Seed Company specializing in Hatch Chile Seeds, to a handmade handbags company in New York City, to a ITIN Certified Acceptance Agent in the UK, to an IKEA Delivery & Assembly service in Brooklyn.

When I offer my SEO consultations, I always tell people to plant seeds – seeds of content, that is! It is important to continually add new and original, useful information on your website – whether it's your top tips on How to Grow Hatch chile, or a blog post with ITIN form instructions, or if it's a page about custom handbags, all content can be good SEO content! Think about what your customers ask you, what are their most common questions? What's your best advice? Did you just learn about a new product or way to do something that would be helpful to share with others. Share it! Plant that seed on your website. Build pages and blog posts that focus on commonly searched terms. Here are my tips on how to find what keywords people are searching »

So use your website wisely like a SEO Hero and make sure to plant lots of seeds on your website!

If you don't have a website that you can edit or add to easily, I'm happy to help. I design and build beautiful websites with the right SEO from the get-go, and I also offer training on how you can add pages or blog posts to your website. View my Website Design Portfolio to see some of my recent work or contact me »


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