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SEO Hero Winner

Wix SEO Hero Winner

Updated August 20, 2018: Wow! This website is currently ranked #1 in Google for a "SEO Hero" search, and is now above the official SEO Hero contest $50K winner, (who's team built a cool little keyword research tool called SEO Hero, great idea - kudos!). While it moves in the rankings, it is still performing quite well even though I haven't had much time to dedicate to it lately. Search ranking shifts are normal – it is common for sites to change a couple notches up or down in the ranking depending on the day.

Why is this website doing well for SEO Hero searches? Because it's a real website that has good SEO Hero content. This site, built entirely in Wix, has soared to the top of the search engine rankings due to the fact that I've written a LOT of great content here including SEO Tips, SEO Resources which is very useful to anyone who wants to become their own SEO Hero. I didn't create this website just for the contest, I built it to share with my clients and designer friends to help guide them with their SEO to help get their websites found. In fact, I personally use my SEO Resources page all the time to rediscover and use the cool tools that I've gathered over time, like keyword research tools or stock image websites... Search engine optimization is ALL about creating real, original and useful information and images around what you want to be found for. If people like your website content, and bookmark it and share it, it will do well in search engines. If you build it, they will come.

Wix works for SEO. So do other platforms like Wordpress.

I can show you how – I offer SEO Consultations along with full custom Website Design and Graphic Design services, contact me today for an estimate on your project. View my: Website Design Portfolio »

SEO Contest Winner

On March 30, 2017, Wix announced the winners of the SEO Hero Contest – the winners were announced on the Wix blog here »

Here's what they posted:

The winner* of our SEO Hero competition is:! 🎉 Congratulations to all of our top 5 ranking websites: 1.

2*: – This website is currently ranked at #2 as of Sept 2017. 2. 3. 4. 5. *Winner status pending legal documentation approval and final verification.

Congratulations to if they are indeed the determined winners, and congrats to all the runners ups!

I feel like the real SEO Hero winner, though – my main website,, which could not be entered into the contest (as it was launched prior to Nov 2016) – is at the VERY TOP of Google for "seo hero" in the Quick Answers box. Whoa! Read how I did it here»

And although I didn't win with this website, I was so excited and honored to have this very website ( get a great mention in Wix's SEO Hero winners article (scroll down to see my website's mention,) or see the screenshot below:

SEO Hero Winner

Additionally, my main website,, while it didn't qualify to be entered into the contest, actually beat all of the other competitors except for the winner,, and was ranking at #4 for "SEO Hero" in Google search results at the time of the contest – wow!! Read more »


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