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SEO Hero Tip - Google's advice for good Page Titles

SEO Hero Tip - Google's tips for good Page Titles

Become a SEO Hero with this great advice for writing good Page Titles, right from the horses's mouth... Google explains what makes a good page titles. Here's a synopsis:

  • Make sure all your pages HAVE title tags <title>

  • Keep Page Titles short and descriptive.

  • No keyword stuffing! Focus on one keyword phrase that applies to the page's content.

  • Don't repeat Page Titles, each page should be unique and descriptive of the page's' content.

  • It is ok to Brand your Page Titles, include your site/business name at the beginning or end of each page title, separated by a hyphen, colon or pipe |.

This all makes sense, basically, optimize each of your pages' Titles based on the content of the page, combined with the keyword phrase you'd like the page to be found for. Never duplicate content or page titles and don't fake it by stuffing a whole bunch of keywords into your page Titles. This is great advice if you want to become a SEO Hero!

Read the full advice below or click here to read on Google:

SEO Hero Tip - Google's advice for good Page Titles


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