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I'm still using Google+ in 2019

I'm still using Google+ in 2019

As a SEO Hero, I wanted to share a little secret...

I'm still using Google+, are you? Why am I using it when Google announced last month that they will be shutting Google+ down? Well, because they're not shutting it down just yet! Yes, that's right – Google+ is NOT DEAD YET! Google says it will shut down the consumer version of Google Plus in August 2019, though a version built for corporate customers will still exist. So the Google+ Consumer version will still be up until August of 2019. So why not keep using it? Here's why it's good to use Google+ until they shut it down: I have always known that by posting on the Google+ network, you are posting directly in Google's ear. So that means you can post blurbs with links to your new website pages, or blog posts to help Google index them faster. Why? Because Google sees that link you post, and so it will sniff out your new page or blog post more quickly. So, since it's still running through August 2019– why not use it? I also have a theory that because there is actually a lot of businesses that use Google+, they may figure out an alternative solution to keep the Google+ in some form, so hopefully this will include any posts in the past. Regardless, if it helps to get your new useful content indexed quicker now, I say, USE IT! It can't hurt.

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