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How to Write the Best Blog Posts for SEO

If you're writing a blog post, here are some great SEO Hero tips to help your post be the best it can be:

  1. Write an effective post title that includes keywords or phrases that you'd like it to be found for. Do Keyword Research to find out what keywords and phrases are most searched.

  2. Make sure your Title is a Tease – people should want to click to read more. A great title is everything in blogging!

  3. Link to other posts or pages in your content for more information, adding text links that thread throughout your website is a great way to help people find info they want, and it also helps Google and other search engines find your content.

  4. Organize your content – don't just have a super long post of paragraphs, add headlines and break it into sections so it's visually interesting to read and your users' eyes don't glaze over.

  5. Add images, diagrams and infographics if possible. When adding images, make sure to give them SEO keyword tags (alt-text tags) so that Google can see what they're all about. Name the filename with keywords as well.

  6. Encourage Commenting – ask a question at the end of the post so that people can add their own comments and keep the post current.

  7. Proofread your posts – keep it professional! No typos!

  8. After Posting, PROMOTE! Share your post on Facebook on your business facebook page, and in related Facebook groups. Do a Facebook Live feed and talk about your post. Tweet your post on Twitter. Create a Google+ Collection and post a link to your post there. Use Pinterest and pin images from the blog post, add Pinterest boards specifically for your content. Repost or repin your post on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+ and any other social media avenues in a couple months, This will keep your content in rotation and keep it fresh in the online world.


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