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Is Wix good at SEO?

Is Wix good at SEO?

Is Wix good at SEO? As a SEO Hero, I get that question a lot. A lot of advertising agencies, marketing and SEO companies would lead you to believe that Wix isn't a professional website platform for SEO (search engine optimization). However, this is simply not true. Wix is surprisingly good at SEO, as it has all the features you need to setup SEO Meta Tags, Page Titles, Descriptions. Alt Image Text, and even adding tracking and Google Analytics so you can keep track your visitors. Before I go on as to why I think Wix is great at SEO, I also wanted to note that Google themselves have said that Wix is fine for SEO: Google says: "WIX websites work fine in search." It's true, Google says that Wix is fine for SEO. Read a comment from JohnMu at Google who wrote back to a forum question asking if Wix was good at SEO. You can read the full thread on Google's Webmaster Central Help Forum here and read his response on why Wix is good for SEO below:

Hi Ash, WIX websites work fine in search. There are a lot of different setups for new websites. I wouldn't focus too much on a single provider, but rather think about the bigger picture: which will make it easiest for you to maintain your site (adding / changing content)? If you're getting help from others for your site, is there one that they have experience in, which might make it easier / cheaper? Which one offers the features that you think you'll need in the mid-term? There are probably a few options that could work for you, so maybe it makes sense to just try some of them out and see which one works best for you -- websites are websites for Google :). Cheers & good luck with your new site! John

Since he asks the question: "which will make it easiest for you to maintain your site (adding / changing content)?" – for me, the best platform is almost always Wix. All of my clients love the Wix editor and find it quite easy to make edits once I do a quick one-hour Wix tutorial with them, and so that means they are SO much more likely to make edits and keep their website than with other platforms like Wordpress, which are cumbersome and make making small edits difficult and even impossible for those without coding/website design skills. I like to say, making small design edits in Wordpress is like pulling teeth. Whereas making design edits in Wix is a breeze. :) Why fight your website platform? When I put my clients on Wix, I know they're actually going to use their website, which is the best thing for SEO–because stale websites get lost down the rankings–you have to keep your business website fresh and new in order to keep Google looking at it and considering it for relevancy for searcher's terms. The more often you add or change content on your website, the more often Google and other search engines will review it. So get their attention and add new useful, relevant information and photos to your website, whether by adding to your existing pages or adding new pages or posting new blog articles. Just keep it fresh. Wix is Easy to Use = Wix is good for SEO

In my opinion, Wix, being a very easy to use website editor, actually excels in SEO over platforms for just this reason. My clients are much more active with their websites, keeping them updated with new pages, content and blog posts regularly. I train all my website design & SEO clients so that they can easily edit their site and know how to properly use meta tags and other ways to ensure each page is optimized for the keywords they want to be found for. Because Wix websites are so easy to edit, my clients aren't afraid to edit their websites – I can't same the same of any other platform. Wordpress, Joomla, Squarespace, and other platforms are much more difficult to edit and make design changes to, so most of my clients on these platforms end up contacting me to make changes, or, they simply never update their websites. Having a static website is not good for SEO, as Google and other search engines want to see updated websites with lots of fresh content added regularly to remain relevant in their search results.

This website is proof that Wix is good at SEO:

I entered this website in Wix's SEO Hero contest, because I wanted to see how the Wix platform compared to other platforms such as Wordpress. With hundreds of SEO companies entering the contest to all try to win the $50,000 grand prize for getting to the top of Google for "SEO Hero" searches, the competition was tough. While this site did not win the contest, it did get an honorable mention from Wix and was in the top 20 rankings at the close of the contest, it just took a little more time to get to the top as I could not dedicate enough time to it, nor did I think it would do so well – but it did do well!! In fact, this Wix-based website has continued to excel over all the competitors, and is currently ranked at #1 or #2 in the top of Google for "SEO hero." (as of February 2019). It has even now beat the original Wix winner who is at #4 below my site at #1 or 2. This means that this Wix-built website outperformed nearly every other platform (Wordpress, or custom platforms) , built by TEAMS of SEO gurus trying to win the big money prize. I was the sole builder of this site, and, if I had put in a little more time (daily instead of weekly), I probably could have possibly won the contest, who knows? At the time, I didn't think I had a chance to be #1 against the numerous teams at SEO companies in such a short time (4 months), so I just slowly and quietly worked on it when I could – and I built it with REAL SEO instead of trying to fake it. I was creating GOOD, useful content that could help my clients, other web designers, and even myself find good information and resources on how to optimize websites for SEO, particularily Wix websites. And now this site is at the top 2 in the search rankings. Amazing! I also wanted to mention: The official $50K SEO Hero Contest Winner was Walid Gabteni who built his winning website: I think his website won (ranked highest in 4 months) because his keyword tool really stood out and was dynamic, and it caught Google's eye. He also had multi-languages. Even the .tech domain may have helped in it's uniqueness. And he used social media to get attention and build links / engagement with his tool. Hats off to Walid, he zoomed to the top, and it sounds like he was a one-man operation, too. Impressive.

What I loved about the Wix SEO Hero Contest is that it created an even playing field, as we all had to start the websites at the same time (couldn't be an existing/old domain or site). So this was a great way to test Wix against other platforms for SEO from day one. And, I couldn't be happier with the results, ranking at #1 or #2 for a highly competitive term of "seo hero" in Google searches. I am also proud that it was just me (one person!) working on building out this site for the contest – I beat lots of SEO companies who had teams and networks of people to build links. Why did this Wix website perform so well for SEO? Because I built REAL content around becoming a SEO Hero, and I know how to optimize it in Wix to perform well on Google. I didn't try to fake it with generating in-bound links, instead, I created content that would be helpful to my clients and others trying to get their websites found.

One of my favorite pages I built that I myself still reference often is my growing list of SEO Hero Resources and Tools. This page is full of great tools that I've collected over the past 15 years that I find are top-notch for website design and SEO.

If you need a SEO Hero, please contact me today at 720.260.3541 or contact me online. I provide free estimates for SEO Packages and SEO Consultation. I am also a Website Designer, so I can make your website look good – and create unique graphics that will help your site perform well at SEO!


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