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301 Redirects: Find what pages are indexed in Google

Did you know that you can find all the pages that Google has indexed on a website? This is useful when you are transitioning from an old website to a new website – and can help aid you in setting up any 301 redirects needed if the page URLs have changed so that there are no broken links when launching the new website. 301 Redirects tell google and anyone who has links to pages on your website where to go if the new page URL has changed. So if you were going from to, you could setup a redirect to point "/contact.php" to the "/contact" URL.

You can see all the pages that Google has indexed in order to find any page URL changes that may have happened with the launch of the new site by Googling: Google: ""

This will show you all the links Google has indexed for the site, and you can click on them to see if they go to the right place. If not, you can setup the redirects for any pages that have changed URLs so they go to the proper new page URL.

Quick Wix Tip: here's how you can Setup 301 Redirects in Wix »

See the screenshot below to see an example of what I mean by seeing what pages are indexed, here you can see there are 414 results for pages indexed for my website:

Find Google indexed pages for a website


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