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2018 SEO Trends

As a SEO Hero and SEO consultant, I come across lots of tools and resources for learning more about SEO. I just came across this new SEO trends resource from one of my Facebook SEO groups – check it out:

This is a great page, visually pleasing and simple and easy to read through the different Chapters that talk about how to do good SEO in 2018. Of course, it talks about all the same things I've been talking about on this website – GOOD CONTENT IS KING! Writing good content that is in-depth, informative and keeps people on your page reading (they don't bounce off and leave the site immediately) will help greatly in Google and other search engines in 2018. Google doesn't just want to send a user to a page that they immediately hit the back button to return to the search results, it wants to send people to a page that they dwell on and read in-depth. So writing comprehensive, detailed, useful content that keeps people on your page longer will help you rise in the rankings.

This also talks about making sure your website is mobile friendly of course, as well as using video, linking content with good keywords, and encouraging commenting and engagement on your site can help you with SEO in 2018. Check it out:

And also don't forget to ready my SEO Hero Tips »

2018 SEO Trends


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