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SEO Hero Tip – Answer Questions

SEO HERO TIP - answer questions!

Writing good content isn't just about keywords. It's about answering questions that searchers have, and answering them WELL! Write blog posts or pages that are titled with commonly asked questions about topics relating to your business and keywords. For example, if you have an organic lawn care business, you can write about "Is Weed & Feed safe for pets?" – this question has 110 searches a month. So, if you write an extensive, well-researched article about this very topic, your website will start to filter into the search results for that topic. Or, you could write a page titled "Denver Lawn Care Tips" and post your top 10 tips for keeping lawns healthy.

So use keyword research tools to find out what people are searching for, then start writing! Write well, write often and write quality content that people will actually be happy to read. Keep your website clean and clutter free, make it as easy as possible for users to read your content. (We all hate going to those "article" websites that are plastered with ads and junk or popups, so keep it simple!)

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