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SEO Hero Backlinks

SEO Hero Backlinks

That's right, if you want to be a SEO Hero you have to get lots of backlinks!

What are backlinks?

They're simply links from outside websites to your website.

How do you get good backlinks?

By having a website with a wealth of information. Become the expert in your field by writing about topics related to your business, services or products. Write often! Be original! Answer common questions about your industry or services. Write about your top tips relating to your business.

Once you've created lots of quality content, you can then start to use social media and other website forums to promote this content and get it out in the online arena. Once people start to find your quality informative content, they may start referencing your content and linking to it from their own websites, forums, and social media.

Why do you need backlinks?

Because being a SEO Hero is all about being popular in the online world. The more websites, blogs, forums and social media sites that link and talk about your website's content, the more popular you look in Google's (and other search engines') eyes, and your site will rise in the ranks.

Asking for backlinks:

You can do outreach and contact related websites or blogs to see if you can write guest posts for them. Make sure to propose something very specific and interesting to their website, and they may just let you write the post. Also, be sure to ask if you can include a link to your website in your post.

Get involved with other related websites:

Join social media groups and find forums and other blogs that are related to your business and participate in them! Add valuable content, answer questions, etc – and add links to your website for more information. It's great to find a common question in forums or social media and then write a blog post or create a page about it, then post a link to that page in your response to the question.

Want to find out who is linking to your website? is a great tool for quick checking to see who is linking to your website.

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