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Top 2017 SEO Tips

Top 2017 SEO Tips

Become your own SEO Hero in 2017! Read my top tips below for the new 2017 SEO trends:

  1. Make sure your website is Mobile Friendly! Google likes mobile-friendly sites WAY better and ranks them higher!

  2. Make sure your website is user-friendly – make it as easy as possible for users to find what they need.

  3. Build good new landing pages with new and relevant copy, use your top keywords in page title and in the first 100 words in the text of the page.

  4. Don't use obnoxious popups – Google is starting to penalize sites for popups! Read more »

  5. Use social media (Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, etc) to promote your content, give snippets of good tips or info with a good image (preferably your own graphic or photo) and post on social media. Always link back to your site! Write good descriptions/posts and weave keywords into the text. Don't overdo the keywords though, once is enough!

  6. Use Long-tail Keyword Phrases and Answers – Long tail keywords are phrases that contain three or more keywords. You can create great landing page content or blog posts using very specific phrases to help people find your website. Like "Denver Website Designer" for example, or "Best Denver Web Designer" – name your page name with the keyword phrase if possible, and name your page title and also include your long tail keyword in the copy and H1 header tags as well as your image filenames, titles and image alt text. Don't overdo it though, once is enough in each of these areas, as search engines frown on keyword stuffing! You can use Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool to research keyword phrases and get their suggestions on related searches so you can find great long-tail keyword phrases as inspiration for your next page or blog post!

  7. Get Reviews! On Google+, Yelp, Facebook, and any other social media websites or review sites, the more positive reviews you have the more votes count in your favor in Googleland and other search engines. I always say Google+ is your best bet for getting reviews as it shows up in the map results. On this note, make sure to setup a Google+ page! Read more SEO Hero tips here »

  8. Become the expert! Write lots of new content that is original. Think about what common questions from your customers about your services or products. Think about your top tips you'd like to share with your customers, and create a page or write a blog post about it!

  9. Don't hire a SEO Company – unless they come HIGHLY recommended! Most SEO companies consist of scam artists and long-term costly contracts. I recommend to do your own SEO, or work with a copywriter and use my SEO Hero tips to become the expert in what you want to be found for. Many SEO companies focus on link building on hidden or secretive internal blog networks or with link directories, these can actually HURT your ranking so beware!

  10. Use my SEO Hero Resources! Tools to research keywords, create & compress images, and more!

  11. Create Shareable Content! Think about what topics you could write about or create video or infographics about to help others (relating to your business and keywords desired). Like, if you're a plumber, you could create and post a video on how to stop a leaky toilet shut off valve. Post videos to YouTube, then embed them on your site. Post photos and/or infographics to Facebook or Pinterest and link back to your website for more information!

  12. Try to create content that could populate SERP listings – SERP = search engine results pages In 2014, Google introduced Structured Snippets, a feature that “incorporates facts into individual results snippets in Web Search.” You've probably seen these in Google, it's the boxed area that shows up above all the search results with quick information/text/image that provides instant insructions (see below example) – all you need is a table on a good content page with relevant data (a good answer to a common question or task) and your website could be identified as the source of a SERP! See screenshots below for more info:

SEO Hero for 2017 – creating SERP data

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