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Be a SEO Hero, become a Resource!

To be a SEO Hero for your website, it's important to build pages and content that will become a resource to others. Whatever your business is, you probably are an expert at different things relate to your business. So create a page with lots of good information so that it can become a resource to others. Write original content and make it useful and interesting to people who may then go on to share your page. Some good ideas:

1. Top Ten Most Common Questions (FAQs about your service/products)

2. Expert Secrets

3. Top Video Tips - with written out tips as well. First post on YouTube, then embed video(s) on your page, make sure YouTube post links to your page for more info! Write at least a 200+ word description for your video in YouTube and include the link to your page for more detailed info on the tips. 4. "Best of" Lists

5. Reviews of products or services

It's also important to update and add new content to these pages periodically, so that it's not just a static page. Add additional tips, photos, etc on a regular basis to your page to keep it fresh.

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