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SEO Hero Tip - Titling your Pages

SEO Hero - Page Titles

Once you figure out what keywords you want to focus on, you can then make sure your pages are titled correctly. Page titles and page descriptions are one of the most important things for SEO for your pages.

The image here shows Wix's page titling area, but most all website CMS platforms have a variation of these settings. Read below on how each works:

Page Title:

The Page Title is the single most important element of your page. Keep it short and concise, and name it with the keyword phrases that the page is about. By short, I suggest to keep your titles under 60 characters so the page title doesn't get cut off in the search results. Name each of your pages with specific keywords that pertain to that pages' content. The Page Title is what shows up as a link to your website in the search engine results, so make sure to write it to entice viewers to click!

Page Description:

The Page Description can be more longer and more descriptive, this is a good place to include your business name, and make sure to incorporate the keywords if possible. Make sure it's easy to read as this is what searches will see and use to decide whether or not to click through to your page.

Page URL:

Use the page URL to include keywords! No spaces or punctuation allowed, use dashes instead of spaces.

Keywords (Meta Keywords):

Keywords aren't really utilized by search engines anymore, due to years of abuse by websites who were padding their keyword meta tags with hundreds of keywords. It still doesn't hurt, but I'd suggest keeping it short, just focus on the same keyword phrase you are using in your title.

See the example below on how the Page Title and Page Description show up in the search results:

Wix "Page SEO" Settings Instructions:

1. Login to your Wix Site Editor 2. Use page dropdown in upper left, and click on the page you want to edit. When you have the page selected (highlighted in blue), on the right of the page name, click on the “White Circle with Three Dots” to expand the page’s editing options Menu. 3. Choose Page SEO You will now be in the Page Settings SEO where you can add a page title, a page description, and even the page URL if you want to customize the page URL/link. (

See below screenshot:


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