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Did you know that Google can crawl your website and instantly know if you copied someone else's copy? So if you are copying other business's or website's copy to use on your website, your rankings could actually be penalized by Google because Google doesn't like to see copied work.

You can search "Plagiarism check" on Google and see lots of free tools to instantly check to see if your content is original. These scans be done in a matter of seconds so you know that Google and other Search Engines can very quickly learn if you've copied your content or not.

So, now that you know this – write! Or, if you're not a good writer, hire a copywriter or have a staff member with good writing skills write original content for your website. Become the expert in whatever you do. I always tell clients to think about what their customers ask about the most, and then write about it. Don't pad your writing with keywords, write naturally, write to your customers – not Google.

Use Google AdWords to research keyword phrases to see what people are searching for, and then write and create new pages on your website that talk about those terms. And write often, keep adding to your site weekly if possible, writing about new topics / questions / tips, etc that focus on your business. You'll find in time, you'll become the expert that Google and other search engines refer to for the topics you write about. Use social media to engage your customers with your content, share links to your "tips" and get people to share your info! Post great photos of your products, staff, customers etc – and tell lots of stories. The more you're out there in the online world, the more Google and other search engines will see you as an expert in your field. So become your own SEO Hero and start writing!

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