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Become a SEO HERO!

SEO is easy with Wix!

Become your own SEO Hero in 2023 & 2024 with a Wix website (or any website for that matter!)  There is no magic trick to become a SEO Hero today.  It's not about tricking Google, it's about providing good content. There IS an honest way to get to the top – just become the expert in your field! Read my post: Is Wix is good at SEO? »

SEO in 2022 and going into 2023 is all about writing new, original and in-depth content and becoming an online expert in the keywords you want to be found for. So write! Answer questions, provide valuable info. Then make sure the online world can find your information and are talking about it by using social media, blogs and partner websites to reference and link to your website content! I'm adding SEO Hero tips often on this website, so stay tuned daily!  Learn more now:

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Wix SEO Hero

Is Wix a good SEO Hero platform?

Yes. As a Denver Wix Designer, and SEO Website Designer I find that Wix has all the tools you need to create a website that can rise to the top of the rankings of search results.

In fact, Wix just posted an article about how Wix websites can get indexed in seconds in Google using their SEO Wiz tool (which submits the sitemap to Google for indexing). In my experience, I've found that Wix DOES do really well with fast indexing in Google, and I've had sites come up for keyword searches within weeks of launching websites. If you want help designing your Wix website and optimizing it for SEO, please reach out, I love working with small businesses to help them succeed.

See my SEO Hero tips for lots of ways you can help Wix (or any website platform) excel in SEO. My top tips include naming your pages titles and descriptions with researched keywords, and writing good, original and useful content that is related to your keywords you want to be found for. Think "shareable" content. Top Ten Tip Lists, Favorite resources, fun infographics  –  these are all great ways to provide content to viewers. Next: share your content! Post quick blurbs with links to your content on social media, find forums and blogs to share your content with, and find partner or organizational websites that will link to your website. The more links coming into your site, the more popularity "votes" you get in Search Engines' eyes, so work on getting your website out there! 

Curious about Wix's SEO Hero contest?

As a long time Denver Website Designer, I was intrigued when Wix setup a SEO Hero contest offering $50,000 to any new website that could get to the top of Google for "SEO Hero." Though I wasn't sure if I'd have enough time to win, I thought it would regardless be another good test of the Wix platform to see how well it can do with SEO, especially given all of the hundreds of SEO Companies around the world competing for the same "seo hero" keywords to win the $50,000 prize. This contest "leveled" the playing field, as it allowed me to test a Wix website platform against all types of other platforms such as Wordpress and custom-built platforms. Everyone had to have a brand new website and domain name, and we had 4 months to get to the top of Google for "seo hero" – I was amazed at how this website performed against expert SEO competitors. Not only did it do very well, I wasn't able to dedicate as much time as I would have liked, and I was competing against teams of SEO people who pulled out all the stops.

This website is Currently ranked at #1*!

This Wix website keeps climbing, too, as of January 2020, this website,, is on the top of the search results rankings at #1 for "seo hero" in Google – so it is beating all other SEO competitors' websites on different platforms! 

*Note: As of Feb 18, 2020, this website's ranking for SEO Hero is now #3 in the search results! As with all ranking, sometimes it's ranking can change, but it is always on the top of the first page for "seo hero" searches!  I find that this SEO Hero website does best when I'm posting new blog posts often or creating new pages. As this is just my hobby site, I dont' post as often as I should as I'm focusing  most of my time on my Denver Web Design business and client work. With my SEO Hero success, I have so many leads I'm booked out with work for the next couple months. It's great to have so many calls and emails coming in looking for website design and SEO Hero help.  Google really does like to see new fresh content regularly, so it's important to keep posting and adding to your website content regularly to stay at the top. Don't let your website get stagnant! 

Wix also gave a very cool honorable mention – and, thanks to this contest,  I can now confirm that Wix is GREAT for SEO. It's not so much about the platform, it's all about creating good, useful, shareable content that is relavent to what you want to get found for. The Wix platform makes it easy as it's so easy to add new content, make edits, add pages and post articles in blogs.

Additionally, I feel like the real winner, as my main website which is also on the Wix platform,, did VERY well for "seo hero" searches in Google – in fact, it was at the very top in Google's Quick Answers for "seo hero" and also in the first page of natural listings! Unfortunately, I could not enter into the Wix SEO Hero contest as the rules stated websites could not be entered if launched prior to November 2016.


My two websites competed with some of the best SEO companies all over the world, and though my websites didn't win the prize, both websites are very high in the rankings, which proves that if optimized right, Wix websites can perform great with SEO.  


Ultimately, this is a great website for me to continue to collect and share all my SEO Hero tips and information with my clients and the world. While I would have loved to win the SEO Hero contest, I just was not able to dedicate as much time as I would have liked (such as blogging daily). Why? Because I'm a website designer full-time, my schedule is packed with already-paid client work. Plus, I have to get away from the computer sometimes! :) But I feel like the website did VERY WELL overall against a lot of fierce competitors. :)

It is also fun to see that Wix websites can rise in the rankings in a short period of time – the contest started November 16th and will ended on March 16, 2017.  
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