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We're Planet Wongo's SEO Hero! We just helped consult the fabulous crew on how to get found for immersive theater searches in Chicago as they just landed there from NYC. Make sure to check them out if you like immersive theater – what a fun show!! Think: Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Mystery Science Theater 3000! We installed a blog for them, wrote several blog post articles to get them started, did keyword research, and provided an in-depth instruction document as well as a huge list of good keyword phrases to use to title blog posts. They're already climbing to the top for "immersive theater chicago" and will soon start climbing to the top of the search results for lots of other related keyword phrases.

When we do a SEO Hero Consulting package, we research keywords to find out what people are searching for, make recommendations and then optimize Wix websites (or any website platform) with the keywords and meta tags that we recommend based on the research. We also optimize or setup blogs for websites, and write several good posts as a starting point, then optimize existing webpages for specific keywords. Lastly we will consult you and give you a comprehensive idea hit-list for writing new blog articles or page content going forward – which is all great for SEO. It’s all about giving Google lots of information, and optimizing your content properly. Here is an example SEO Hero Consultation and all that it includes:

Initial SEO Hero Package & Consultation (8-10 hours included):

  • Initial SEO (Search Engine Optimization) includes Google keyword research (to find out which keywords/terms people are actually searching for, such as “business/service city, TBD”). Consulting client on which keywords to focus on in content and posts going forward. On existing website, I will rewrite/add SEO page titles for each page, meta tags and image alt tags to up to 6 pages and optimize website for searches based on my recommendations.

  • I will provide you with a hitlist of my recommendations on how to write new content for new or existing pages, as well as blog posts, and using social media to help continue SEO to rise to the top for keywords desired.

  • SEO Optimization and setup of Blog page, writing of two blog posts for keywords determined, consulting client on writing new posts going forward using keyword ideas provided.

  • Verification and submission to Google, Bing and dmoz (this service does not guarantee placement, but does help get listed in Google), verification, setup/submission and optimization of Google+ Business page, make sure Google map listing is verified, and Webmaster Tools sitemap submission.

  • 1-2 hours Training of client (over phone and email instructions) on how to continue to write blog posts and use social media to help with SEO.

  • Building/Optimizing existing pages for each of your main keyword phrases

  • Email and Phone Consultation on what client can do going forward, utilizing blog and keywords to post content regularly, and advice on how to use social media to post and share your content to help with SEO

  • This service does not guarantee top placement in Google, but will greatly help in getting the website optimized for better ranking going forward – and with long-term ongoing content creation that is SEO driven, the website is very likely to rise to the top of the search results. Ongoing SEO, such as writing original content that focuses on keyword phrases determined, as well as using Social Media to engage an audience with info/links/keywords, will help move the website to the top of the searches. I will provide a hitlist of recommendations with ideas for blog posts or page content so you can create content over time. I am also available for ongoing SEO content writing and creation (blog posts, topic pages), for $75/hour.

  • Payment Terms: 50% Deposit required to begin project, paid via check, 50% Deposit due upon website launch (can take PayPal payments, costs an added 3% fee)

SEO Hero 2018

Want a SEO Hero Package for your Website?

We love working with small businesses to help you figure out how to get to the top of search engines so you can be found! Let us know if you’d like to talk more about your specific needs and I can put together an exact estimate. Feel free to call Idelle at 720.260.3541 or fill out our contact form.


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