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Become a SEO Hero on Google with Wix!

A Google webmaster trends analyst at Google recently wrote this response to a user asking if Wix would work fine in search. As I've mentioned in my previous post, "Is WIX as good as Wordpress for SEO?", he responds with a similar explanation – it's not about the platform so much as how you use it! And, seeing as how Wix is much easier for all of my Wix Web Design clients to use, I believe that Wix is the best option as it is actually fun and easy for people to use, and therefore they update more often, which results in more content being posted regularly! I believe that some of the anti-Wix SEO opinions were developed during the time when Wix was a Flash-based platform, which wasn't good for SEO. But since they moved to the HTML5 platform in early 2012, their SEO functionality is just as good as any other platform. Read on:

Read John's response in the Webmaster Central Help Forum below:

Hi Ash

WIX websites work fine in search. There are a lot of different setups for new websites. I wouldn't focus too much on a single provider, but rather think about the bigger picture: which will make it easiest for you to maintain your site (adding / changing content)? If you're getting help from others for your site, is there one that they have experience in, which might make it easier / cheaper? Which one offers the features that you think you'll need in the mid-term? There are probably a few options that could work for you, so maybe it makes sense to just try some of them out and see which one works best for you -- websites are websites for Google :).

Cheers & good luck with your new site!


SEO Hero on Google with Wix
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