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December 5, 2016



To become your own SEO Hero, you have to socialize! And I don't mean going to the bar or a networking event. I mean, of course, that you have to socialize on social media and the online world. Join Facebook groups related to your business, post your top tips on LinkedIn, Pin photographs of your products or services or inspirations on Pinterest, post related photos on Instagram.  Use Google+ to post information, links, collections, and more. 



Create a Business Page on Facebook and post regularly. Respond to any questions or comments quickly, as Facebook reports how responsive you are to users. Facebook has become a way that many customers reach out to businesses, either with questions or even complaints. It is great if you handle any questions or complaints quickly, efficiently, and if you answer questions with good in-depth answers, and link to your website when applicable for more info. 

• Join groups that are related to your business, just search for groups and join! Then post when you have something interesting to share, a tip, a common question and answer, a photo of some great work, etc. You do this on your personal page, but it still helps drive traffic to your site if you provide links. And, it encourages sharing of good info or photos. 



Setup a Business Page on Google+! Verify your listing!

• Post links to your new content regularly

• Setup Collections and post to them on Google+

• Anything you do on Google+ isn't going to hurt. It may not gather a lot of public interest, but Google loves to be fed content, and it legitimizes your business if you post regularly on Google+ wall.



Create a Company Page on LinkedIn 

• Share Updates on LinkedIn regularly with links to your website or good information related to your business

• Post in your LinkedIn blog, write good content that links back to your website for more info




Create a Business Page on Pinterest

• Setup related boards to your business, and pin regularly. 

• Post original new images (use tall vertical images for best viewing), and link to your website for more info



Same goes for any other Social Media outlets, such as SnapChat, Houzz, Twitter, etc.

Think about what your customers and potential customers would be interested in, and post it! Post some information, then link to your website's blog or page for more info.


Pick a few Social Media outlets hat you (and your customers) are most likely to use, and commit to posting at least once a week. Make sure you respond to users quickly if anyone reaches out, and share good information often that is relevant and interesting to your potential customers. 




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