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Become a SEO Hero - Find your Keywords

To become a SEO Hero, you have to become the online expert in your services or products. It is great to write lots of great content for your website, and start a blog, or build new pages regularly on your website that focus on a specific keyword phrase that you want to be found for.

How do you figure out what people are searching for?

You can use Google's free Keyword Planner tool in their AdWords platform! For example, if you're selling organic seeds, you could research in Google AdWord's Keyword Planner tool to determine what people are searching for related to seeds.

To use the Keyword Planner in Google AdWords, you will need to have a Google (gmail) account for this, it is good to setup a Google+ Business page for your business or brand and use the same account for Google AdWords. It is free* to setup a Google account, so don't worry, you can use the keyword tool for free once you have an account setup. No credit card required unless you want to actually setup a run an ad campaign.

SEO Hero - Google Keyword Planner Tool

Below is an example of the results Google gave me when I put in "seo hero" – it gives me lots of other ideas of related keywords that users are searching, plus the typical cost per-click if I wanted to use Google AdWords to post an ad for these keyword terms. These are great terms to write blog posts or page content about, as you could become the expert on these keywords in the online world which helps with SEO!

SEO Hero - Google's Keyword Planner Tool example

You can also setup a Campaign and an Ad Group and this is where you'll find the "Get keyword ideas" panel when you insert Keywords into the ad group keyword field. See screenshot below:

SEO Hero - Google AdWords Keyword Research

You'll see that "Vegetable seeds" is one of the highest searched keyword phrases, at 40K+ searches a month. So you could create a page on your website and write a LOT of original copy about vegetable seeds. You could talk about the varieties available, a top-10 list of your favorites, how to plant vegetable seeds, etc. Just write lots of valuable good content that your readers will like. Because if readers like it, then Google will too. Google is trying to disply the websites to searchers that have the most valuable information about the subject searched. And valuable means original written text that's full of new information, and that it's written often. Having a static site will sink you in the rankings. Writing new content and creating new pages or blog posts on a regular basis will make you the current expert in whatever it is you write about. So write!

Keywords Everywhere - Keyword Tool In addition to the Google Keywords Ad Planner tool, you can also use the Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension Tool, which displays search stats right in your Google results. There are rumors that this will be a paid app, but for now it's free. Use it! It works only in the Chrome Browser and is an extension you can add and then turn on/off in Chrome's preferences. See how it looks when you're browsing, below:

keywords everywhere - SEO Hero Tool

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